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At FICAS, we provide strategic roadmaps to expedite entrance into the Central Asian market, all of which is tailored to our clients’ product portfolio and focus in business. 

Through our expert knowledge of the culture, social, and business networks dominating the market, we deliver in-depth and up-to-date analyses of market trajectory.  We forecast future market development in areas of oil and gas, automotive, energy transfer, heavy industry, and more. 

We position our clients ahead of the curve to profit from sustained business growth in a challenging, yet lucrative market.



Creative planning and management is our philosophy.  We customize effective purchasing channels for our clients using traditional and innovative strategic tools.

Our expert familiarity and access to current infrastructure and resources, allows us to create a LEAN framework to meet your business goals within the shortest timeframe. 

At FICAS, we armor you with market specific certifications, norms, and patents to drive your success.  In an ambivalent and volatile market environment, we minimize your risk and maximize your potential. 



Our team of professionals provide a full array of services, from market entrance to customer care, as well as an unparalleled approach to bring your product to the market. 

We possess expert knowledge in sales infrastructure, distribution channels, product specific innovations, and supply chains.  We have incomparable access to research institutions, trade fairs, and industry exhibitions. 

Our evaluation of current market needs and forecast of future trends ensures your sustained possession of profitable market shares.


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